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Ruby Baby mink lashes

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Celebrating the inaugural SWAIA Native Fashion Week with a special 40% off sale. Use code SWAIA.

These soft romantic lashes doll up even the most minimal of glam looks. Perfect for the doe eyed look that can be worn universally, suitable for anywhere you go. These lashes work on any eye shape and make the perfect gift for any Lashgasms Lover in your life.


For best application

  • Measure and trim lash to fit the length of your natural lash line (always trim from the outer end of the lash)
  • Add thin layer of Lashgasms lash glue to lash band
  • Apply along lash line from the inner corner to outer edge of the eye


Climax tip – Since all eyes will be on your lashes, we DARE you to bring on the dewy skin look. Show us what you got!