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Pride Kit

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Introducing the Pride Kit: A Celebration of Love!

Unleash your inner diva and make a bold statement with our exclusive Pride Kit, featuring the fabulous Queen, Everyone's Favorite, and The Glam Spot mink lashes. This incredible collection is designed to empower and uplift, embracing the spirit of inclusivity and self-expression.

But that's not all – we've also included Lashgasms hypoallergenic glue in this kit, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold. Rest assured, you can dance the night away and express your pride without worrying about your fabulous lashes coming loose.

Whether you're attending a pride parade, a glamorous event, or simply want to embrace your authentic self, the Pride Kit with Queen, Everyone's Favorite, The Glam Spot mink lashes, and Lashgasms hypoallergenic glue is your ultimate companion. Get ready to celebrate individuality, make a statement, and exude confidence with this extraordinary collection. Unleash your inner diva and let your true colors shine!

The Pride Kit consists of:

  • Queen mink lashes ($18)
  • Everyone’s Favorite mink lashes ($18)
  • The Glam Spot mink lashes ($18)
  • Lashgasms glue ($10)

Regular price: $64