The Lashgasms Story

ToniConfidence is the best accessory and for me adding false lashes to my daily look really helps boost mine. I love that last look in the mirror before leaving knowing I can take on the world or at the very least my statistics class. I wanted to create an authentic, inclusive, and diverse brand that everyone would be able to use. A brand where you don’t have to be a make-up artist to use correctly. I wanted to see models like me, sharing how perfect imperfect we can be. No photoshop. No airbrushing. Just real people looking like their amazing selves.

Fierce CollectionI created Lashgasms because of the comments and DMs I received from individuals excited by my looks but intimidated to try it on their own. My vision for my brand was beauty without bias. I wanted to show that anyone regardless of age, race, orientation or sex could not only apply these lashes without the aid of a professional makeup artist, but look darn good doing so. I asked some of my friends to help by modeling the lashes, and helping with photography. I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished and how my vision has come to life with their help, hard work, and dedication.

My first collection is called FIERCE and consists of ten lashes ranging from a simple everyday look to a luscious full set that has quickly become Everyone’s Favorite. I chose these specific lashes so there would be a type for every eye shape and user. I cannot wait to see and hear what your favorite looks are. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @RealLashgasms and tag us in your fabulous looks!

 - xoxo Toni



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